Robyn Amenta

Founder & Therapist, The Chi Room

Our Story

Our busy western lifestyle produces many stresses which are proven to be detrimental to our health.  As a beauty therapist, I opened The Chi Room with the aim to help counteract stress and its impact on skin and health in general.  By combining western science and technology, with eastern wisdoms, I am able to provide a deeper, more holistic healing experience, improving skin at a cellular level, with the bonus of providing healing to the internal body, mind, and spirit.

My appreciation of ancient therapies and in particular, the holistic philosophy behind Eastern Therapies, began when I developed a passion for Tai Chi in my early twenties.  I went on to study Reiki and more recently Sound Healing and Acupressure, which awakened me to the world of energy and the understanding that we are all related energetically, both to each other and all living matter.

My philosophy is simple, when we feel beautiful and good about ourselves, we generate a positive energy which spreads to others.  In turn, others radiate this energy and healing spreads.

That is my mission.  I hope to meet you soon so I may assist you on your wellness journey. 

The Chi Room Philosophy

At The Chi Room we fully appreciate the wonderment of the human body and its ability to self-heal.  By incorporating mind, body and spirit elements into our treatments, we provide a healing experience from a cellular level.

We embrace nature and work with nature.  We combine planteceuticals with ancient wisdoms from cultures from around the world, together with modern science and technology, to provide safe, results-driven treatments.

Lastly, we believe in educating and working with our customers in a collaborative approach to optimise their health & wellbeing.

Our Values

As a Boutique Clinic & Spa, when you step inside, we want you to leave the world and all its stresses behind.  Once here, it is all about you… no interruptions and no rush.

We provide care from the heart.

We only source products and work with suppliers who are ethical and share our value for the environment.