Body Treatments

Chi Relaxation Massage

1 hour – $105

Enter a state of blissful relaxation with a full body Swedish Massage, incorporating acupressure therapy to release muscle tension, combined with alpha music to soothe your mind and spirit. This treatment includes our signature Mini Medi-Pedi.

Chi Cellulite Treatment

45 mins – $85

We all hate that pesky orange peel skin. This treatment includes mio-fascial release massage using Bellabaci Cups to break down the uneven tissue and our special herbal cellulite formula to activate the lymphatic System for improved toxin removal. For best results we recommend a course of six treatments. When you prepay for 6 sessions and only pay for 5 – a saving of over 16%

Chi Body Detox

1 hour 40 mins – $195

Start your detox journey with your choice of either the ancient art of body brushing or a delightful body scrub of lemon myrtle and eucalyptus. This process will exfoliate your skin and stimulate your lymphatic system in preparation for the detoxification step. Be soothed by the richness of our detoxifying body mask and relax into a dreamy state, cocooned in the warmth of a thermal blanket while the soothing sounds of alpha music and targeted energy of reiki heals you at a cellular level. After your shower, return for a full body aromatherapy massage with moisturising lotion.

If you choose body brushing, the brush is yours to take home so you can maintain your beautiful glowing skin. This treatment includes our signature Mini Medi-Pedi.

Chi Ancient Healing Massage

1 hour 30 mins – $180

This full body Swedish massage, incorporating ancient therapies, will relax and heal on all levels from both the inside and out. Kansa Wands and targeted acupressure with bespoke Aromatherapy oils will wash away tension and release blockages. Heated Tibetan Singing Bowls prepare your body with warmth and sound therapy and sonic massage triggers a relaxation response at a cellular level and opens the meridians to improve the flow of Chi.

This treatment includes our signature Mini Medi-Pedi. Euphoria!

What's Included
  • The Chi Room treatments work with your skin & body’s natural function & incorporate ancient therapies for a mind, body, and spirit connection for enhanced healing at a cellular level.